Course Descriptions

Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Has a History
Planning in Government and Business
Introduction to Action Initiatives
Waste Streams for Consideration
The Plan: Design and Implementation

Social Responsibility

Definition and Benefits
Guidelines for Transparency for Your Stakeholders
Basic Training of Renewable Energy
Leadership and Administration

Green Building / Systems/ Materials

Green Building and Renovations Defined
Energy Efficient Systems
Driving Forces for Change
Risks and Benefits of Green Construction
Green Construction Risk Assessments

Green Certification and Standards

Green Certifications and Standards
Energy Ratings and Audits Defined
Certifications and Energy Standard Case Studies
Green Building Adding to the Bottom Line

Green Supply Chain Management

Leadership, Assessment, and Life Cycle Analysis
Environmental Costs and Benefits
Guiding Your Company’s Plan
Success Story

Waste Management

Waste Concepts are a Part of History
Tracking and Transporting Waste
Solid Waste Principles
What Can Be Recycled?
A Plan to Begin Managing Your Waste
Contractual Guidelines are a Must

Transportation / Green Fleet Management

Introduction to Green Fleet Concepts
Alternative Fuel Overview
Green Fleet Case Studies
Green Transportation Saves on the Bottom Line

Sustainable Purchasing Practices

Concepts in Green Purchasing
Involve Your Purchasing Department in Sustainability

Green Cleaning Practices

Becoming Familiar with Green Cleaning Concepts
Changing Your Cleaning Practices

Water Conservation

Efficient Use of Your Water Resources
Learn about Water Conservation From The Health Care Industry
Water Filtering Options and Storage
Preventing Storm Water Pollution

Environmental Accounting

General Environmental Management System Guidance
International Standards
Environmental Management System Implementation
Planning for Environmental Accountability
Tracking Carbon Emissions

Food Service

Waste and Recycling in Food Service
Greener Food Service Practices

Renewable Energy

Introduction Renewable Energy to Government and Business
Identifying Local Renewable Resources
Waste to Energy Saves Money!

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