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Globalization and the increasing need for companies to remain competitive are favoring a change in working strategies and contributing to changes in corporate training methods. Couple this industry growth in the e-learning market with the concepts of teaching how to increase revenue from waste streams, how to green fleets, conserve water, provide transparency for stakeholders is the new age of why many are leaning towards greener business practices. There is a new current towards the direction of incorporating green initiatives in business strategies, for the simple reason that this results in  a win-win for our clients. Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing market for eLearning, with revenues projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of more than 20% over the analysis period. We have a major client who is adding sales people on their team to promote the custom platform we designed for them, If you are already well positioned in your market, adding an educational platform is the ultimate in education based marketing.

Our Customer Profile

All governments, business operations: green products and services, members of staff, and the management of a supply chain are our target markets. Our course content in corporations and government will provide guidance and step by step guides for transparency. Costs are increasing for running government and businesses and since implementing sustainability practices saves money and energy and may identify new revenue streams through waste management, it is vital that this education gets out to all sectors. Non Profit Associations, colleges, membership organizations, for-profit corporations and any business entities will migrate to this education, regardless of gender or income level. These topics are timely and of interest to everyone. Never has there been a time when it is no longer business as usual and we are left with a disconnected model of economic growth. Our trainings will show how to establish polices that will embrace a generation, grow new departments, involve employee engagement, measure lower O & M costs and a carbon footprint reduction as well as a reduction in waste, all efforts that will document savings on a company's bottom line.

Let's face it. We want to do the "right thing" but is there a cost reduction to implementing greener business practices? Ask for a review of our content and you be the judge.

Leading an effort to a new way of life...

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