Leading an effort

to a new way of life...

Topics We Cover

Topics We Cover

Sustainability Planning….p

Sustainability Planning for Government and Businesses

Social Responsibility from an Internal Perspective

Introduction to Green Building / Systems / Materials

Green Certifications and Standards Defined

Green Supply Chain Management

A Firm Understanding of Waste Management

Transportation Program/Green Fleet Management

Sustainable Purchasing Practices

Green Cleaning Practices

Water Resources and Conservation

Environmental Accounting and Transparency

Food Service

Renewable Energy Defined

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ons and Standards….page 7

5 – Green Supply Chain Management….page 8

6 – Waste Management….page 9

7 – Transportation Program/Green Fleet Management…page 10

8 – Sustainable Purchasing Practices….page 11

9 – Green Cleaning Practices…page 12

10 – Water Resources and Conservation…page 13

11 – Environmental Accounting….page 14

12 – Food Service….page 15

13 –Renewable Energy…page 16

Leading an effort to a new way of life...

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