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Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies For Bulk Purchases
There is no cost to place availability of  the courses on a website.

Our pricing strategy is designed globally for all who want to offer our trainings.

* We help with ideas for locating the funding sources available, offer annual licenses and partner to offer a revenue share.

* We want this information to scale out to any and all business and government entities so we are able to customize programs for all budgets.

* We can "package" the content to fit the strategy of any organization.

* We can administer the courses and customize the delivery for a clients own branding.

* A set-up fee covers the design, initial hardware, configuration, and branding if a custom LMS is desired.

* We can design a program to offer our content to fit budgets for each inquiry we receive and this is done on a case by case basis. For a 100,000+ user deal, a larger set up fee with a smaller per user cost per year will be considered.


There is a difference between named users and concurrent users. A reference of 10,000 concurrent users would typically equate to close to a hundred thousand named users. Pricing is based on named users. Concurrent users refer to how many of those named users are on courses simultaneously.

Bandwidth and hardware scaling are included in the named user price. We can scale to millions of users if together, we are fortunate enough to get that many users. We would use regional data centers, expand hardware to include more servers, load balancers, etc. Don't let anything hold you back from sending us an inquiry and let us respond.

For Volume and Bundle Pricing Packages
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Leading an effort to a new way of life...

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